Bonsai Chậu

The trend of growing Bonsai trees is very popular with bonsai players. This is a potted plant, has a small shape, looks like an old tree. Bonsai are not only loved for their wild beauty, but they also have a deep meaning.

In this article, AloGarden will introduce you to beautiful mini Bonsai trees that are often styled by experts. Do not miss! We will provide you with interesting and useful information

The origin and meaning of the mini Bonsai tree

The art of growing bonsai originated in China. Then spread to Japan and Korea. Today, they are popular in almost all Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Bonsai in Sino-Vietnamese means “potential”, meaning “plants grown in pots”. This is a small plant, with a rough stem, shaped like an old tree. They are grown on rocky areas in harsh weather conditions, so they are very slow to grow. At this time, people bring it back and plant it in pots, trim the branches and leaves, and bend the shape to make it more beautiful.

Bonsai is a beautiful ornamental plant that can be used as a decoration on a living table or a desk. With large trees, it can be placed in front of the door, in front of the yard. With Bonsai planting, people want to remind themselves to rise up in life, overcome difficult challenges like the Bonsai tree lived.

Legend has it that, in the Qin Dynasty, there was a famous poet named Dao Tien. He is also a mandarin with a voice and position in society. Because he was tired of his official work, he returned to live in the deserted mountains. In this pure place, he planted trees and raised chickens. Dao Tien is also the first person to initiate the form of potted plants.

Once, people in the area went to the mountains to pick medicine and saw small, rough trees with beautiful shapes. They brought them to plant in pots, pruned branches, and curled. The art of growing Bonsai was officially born.

The ancients said that Bonsai has great meaning. They represent the army – god, father – son, three kingdoms, five permanents, and four virtues. In which, the main army is the trunk, the god is the big branch, the secondary is the small branch, the death is the leaf. The three diamonds represent the three levels of the tree, the five often represent the five branches of the tree, and the four virtues represent the four segments of the tree.

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